Could Sleep Apnea Raise the Risk of Pneumonia?

houston texas weight loss surgeryAccording to a new study, people with sleep apnea may be at greater risk for developing pneumonia.  Additionally the study suggests that the more severe the sleep apnea, the greater the risk.

Sleep apnea causes the upper airway to become obstructed, cutting off oxygen during sleep. According to researchers, this can increase the chances of inhaling contents fluid from the throat into the lungs, putting people at risk for pneumonia.

It is important to get sleep apnea treated, since it can lead to not only problems like pneumonia, but also a host of other health problems like hypertension, strokes and acid reflux.

As I’ve mentioned before, 70% of people with sleep apnea are obese. So being excessively overweight is a major contributing cause to a person’s airways being blocked.

The sleeve gastrectomy is a safe, effective procedure for helping a person lose weight and keep it off long term.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, and would like to find out if surgery is the right option for you, visit our Houston Texas weight loss surgery pre-operative video.

One of the Biggest Reasons Why I Recommend the Sleeve Gastrectomy Over the Lap Band Procedure

One of the biggest advantages the sleeve gastrectomy has over the lap band procedure is with the chemical changes that take place within the body after surgery.

Theses chemical changes are beneficial in many ways. For one, they help in getting rid of those nagging drives within us to eat all kinds of bad food. These changes help to overcome the body’s drive to maintain it’s current weight.

I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts how these chemical changes not only help the individual to lose weight and keep it off; but they can also help a diabetic get back to normal blood sugar levels without having to takes pills or injections.

For Regina, these changes led to different cravings for the better. No longer was she addicted to caffein and nicotine as before. Before surgery she smoked 15 cigarets a day; and after the surgery she had absolutely no craving for them at all. It was the same for coffee.

Before surgery, she would have headaches if she didn’t have her two cups of coffee for the day. After surgery, she has no craving at all for it.

These chemical transformations that happens within the body after surgery are absolutely remarkable to witness!

If you’re considering a sleeve gastrectomy Houston, visit our appointment page and and schedule a one on one consultation.

Discovery of Genetic Mutations Could Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Approximately 26 million people in the US have diabetes; and 79 million are pre-diabetic. Now according to this article, researchers have discovered rare mutations in a gene that they believe could prevent type 2 diabetes.

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According to researchers, if a drug can be developed that produces the same effects of these mutations, it could lead to the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Researchers analyzed analyzed the genes of 150,000 individuals; and all participants had severe risk factors for diabetes, including advanced age and obesity. 

Obesity is one of the biggest factors for diabetes and as I’ve mentioned previously, 80% of diabetes cases are resolved with either the Gastric Bypass or the Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Chemical changes take place after surgery – it’s as if everything resets, including a person’s insulin resistance that is causing diabetes.

You can see how this has taken place with Tim:

What’s the Best Way to Treat Hypertension?

Do you hate taking high blood pressure medication? Hypertension does need treatment, but isn’t there a better way than taking pills? Exercise and medication can be beneficial, but they rarely get people off medication by themselves.

Seventy-five percent of hypertension is linked to obesity. Obesity is the main problem! That said, dieting rarely works long term. The answer to long term weight loss success is a combination of weight loss surgery, and changing your eating habits.

The best weight loss surgery in my opinion is the sleeve gastrectomy.

In this video, I explain exactly how the sleeve gastrectomy works to help you lose weight and get off of high blood pressure medication permanently.

How Weight Loss Surgery Can Help Reverse Diabetes

If you could do something that that would suddenly give you normal blood sugar without taking pills or injections, would you do it?

More than 80% of Diabetes cases are resolved with either the Gastric Bypass or the Sleeve Gastrectomy.

If you’re considering weight loss surgery in the Houston area and would like to know how to choose a doctor that’s right for you, visit our “Choosing a Surgeon That’s Right for You” page here.

Christie Shares Her Story of Overcoming Infertility Through Weight Loss Surgery and Why She Switched to The Sleeve Gastrectomy

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Christie and have her share her weight loss surgery success story. Christie originally had the lap band procedure done, but that’s not the real story.

Christie had spent 13 years trying to get pregnant, going through all sorts of testing – tubal testing, PCOS testing etc. As Christie explains in the video, after losing 125 lbs from the lap band procedure, she became pregnant.

Unfortunately with the lap band procedure, Christie started having problems, and started putting some of the weight back on. She decided to have the lap band removed and instead have the sleeve gastrectomy procedure, which she is finding to be much better.

Christie says she doesn’t believe she would have ever become pregnant if she had not lost the weight. I talk about why weight loss is so effective for infertility in this video.

What is The Biggest Cause of Infertility?

New Research Shows Improved Sex After Weight Loss Surgery

Aside from the other health benefits of weight loss surgery, new research shows that women who lose weight after bariatric surgery gain a more satisfying sex life.

According to a study published by JAMA Surgery, women reported improvements in their arousal,  sexual desire and overall sexual satisfaction, just two years after bariatric surgery.

Additionally, women also had improved self-esteem, felt less depressed and were more comfortable with their body image according to the research.

“This is another good study that shows bariatric surgery helps patients in a number of ways,” said Dr. Jaime Ponce, president of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. “By losing weight, it allows you to balance your good sexual hormones that control the menstrual cycle,” Ponce said. “It allows them to experience improved sexual function.”

See Kaila share her experience with Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy:

Changing Eating Habits Ain’t That Easy

Bob played football in high school. He was lean and he was good. But after high school, he put on more pounds year after year. Then came the day when Bob’s best friend Mike died suddenly of a heart attack.

Weight Loss Surgery Houston Texas


As Bob put on his suit for the funeral, he became aware of how poorly it fit. It was tight, constricting. As he looked in the mirror to see where to adjust the suit, he saw his best friend. Mike had been overweight, too.

As Bob put on his suit for the funeral, he became aware of how poorly it fit. It was tight, constricting. As he looked in the mirror to see where to adjust the suit, he saw his best friend. Mike had been overweight, too.

The next week, Bob went to a personal trainer. He said, “Jack, I need you to help me lose weight and get fit.” Then Jack heard something he’d never heard before from a client. “Jack, I have gained 40 pounds over five years. I want you to help me lose 40 pounds over the next five years.

One thing we know with certainty is that quick weight-loss methods don’t work long term. Changing eating habits works. Bob understood that. Do you?

If you truly want to lose weight and become healthier, ask yourself: Are you ready to decide to commit to long-term change? It ain’t easy, but it is do-able.

To change to a habit, you must first be committed. Then you must find a technique that works and commit to the technique

Bob had a strong emotional connection to why he wanted to change. He will never be able to drink a beer and tell some of those quirky jokes that only he and Mike got, because Mike is gone. And now he sees himself going down the same path.

Bob was shocked into waking up. Most of us have to dig a little deeper to find the emotional connection to why we want to lose weight. Its important to spend some quiet time and know why.

Get to know your emotional connection to why you want to lose weight. Then commit

Can you visualize eating, drinking, and working out like an athlete? Or like a slob that falls asleep watching TV and wakes up with Cheetos all over his shirt?

Model your emotional memories like the person you want to be

 Chip away at habits. Know what works. Ask daily how well you did and never beat yourself up.

Ask yourself how well you did today and how you can do better tomorrow

Habits are powerful tools to achieve permanent change. Habits are the routine things we do without thought, as if we were on autopilot. Developing new habits doesn’t happen overnight. Some say it takes 21 days to change a habit, but I like to think in terms of chipping away and getting better and better. You must have a clear emotional view of where you want to be, and not focus on how long it may take. If you’re aware of how you feel as you change, you will get to your goal. Learn to love the journey and have expectations that are real.

For quick results, become aware of how you feel as you change, because those feelings happen daily if you’re on the right path

What does our brain like?

Our brain doesn’t like to be told that it can’t have something. It doesn’t like overcoming obstacles. Our brain likes to continue doing what it knows. Why?

Forgive me a moment while I speak in neurological terms: A specific thought develops a neural pathway to that thought. Neural pathways get stronger and wider the more they are used. Pathways that are used frequently and repetitively are coated with a sheath that makes it even more energy-efficient. Such functions as walking and chewing are powered by strong neural pathways. You accomplish such actions subconsciously, as if on autopilot.

Like Pavlov’s dog that was conditioned to salivate with the sound of bell, we have triggers that send a thought down the pathway of least resistance, and the pathway of least resistance is old habits. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”—it’s a cliché that traces the path of least resistance.

Resistance is built into change, and you will feel that resistance as you try to change. That’s where free will comes into play.

Success is not given to us, no matter how gifted we are. Instead we create our success by the things we think, say and do. That sounds like it’s driven by the conscious mind, but I would like to share the story of how DNA married free will and became successful

DNA married free will and became successful

DNA is amazing. It’s made up of four base pairs. How those base pairs are arranged in sequence determines all life, as we know it. It’s hard to believe four things make up all life but it’s true. DNA is our program. It gives us certain traits. We may be programed to be an athlete or a scientist or an artist. DNA makes RNA and RNA makes proteins. Proteins are responsible for how we feel and act. For example, adrenaline makes us want to fight or flee.

Oxytocin makes us want to bond and love. RNA records information. Every thought we have ever had is recorded in the RNA in the cells of our body. Neural pathways lead to those thoughts. Certain things trigger the pathway to the recorded RNA thought and then the RNA makes the proteins to make our body want to act in that way.

That’s where free will comes into play. We get to choose our thoughts. And in turn, our thoughts signal RNA which proteins to make. The proteins that are made drive our actions.

Eat Food that Makes You Feel Like the Real You

This is an excerpt from my new book coming out soon. The book is a follow-up to the bestselling weight loss surgery book Skinny Jeans at Last:

Think for a minute: What is the real you?

Weight Loss surgery in Houston Texas

What activities do you enjoy most, yet make you uncomfortable because of your weight? What represents success to you? What are your goals? Picture them.

Here’s a goal I hear regularly in my medical practice, and so I ask: Where are those skinny jeans? I know you have a pair. We all do. Are they hiding in the back of the closet? Do you yearn for the day that they live, every day, in the front of the closet?

Fitting into those skinny jeans feels like the sun rising to a blue-sky day after a long and hard winter. You feel alive. That feeling results for many reasons—including the fact that you are healthier. Does fitting into those skinny jeans seem like the real you?

If carrying extra weight keeps you from feeling like the real you, it’s time to do something about it. Can you remember what it feels like to feel healthy and fit? Is anything more valuable?

You’ll never find the right path unless you know where you’re going. Can you clearly picture what you’re trying to achieve?

The other day, I saw a billboard for a weight-loss method. It said, “Look good naked.” If that’s how you picture looking good, recall an image of yourself looking good naked each time you find yourself feeling the resistance to doing what’s required to achieve your goal. For example, say you decide to keep all snack food out of the house. But somehow a bag of your favorite cookies made it home. The rule is: eat one helping and throw the rest away.

Our subconscious doesn’t like throwing away food and you’ll resist doing it. When you feel that resistance, remember what it feels like to look good naked. I’ll share more tools and examples later, but in the meantime, be aware that with each success habit is accompanied by resistance to doing it.

We suffer suffer from infobesity. There are many books out there that deliver good advice, yet even when we use that advice, we continue to get bigger and bigger.

The advice is often conflicting and confusing. One expert may say that eating bananas causes belly fat and another may say that bananas give you an important fiber that helps get rid of belly fat.

Do you feel lost in the muck of all this advice?

The best barometer for what works is you. The solution is you. There’s nothing in this book you don’t already know, at least intuitively. But you may not be applying what you know. You may not even be aware of what you know—and awareness is the key to all change. This book brings awareness to what you already know as true and what will work for you.

The problem with all the expert advice is that we’re dealing with poorly understood body system. The experts mislead us into to believing they have it all figured out—in something of a “god complex.” However, our body system—and what we can call our “gut brain”—is very complex, and no one understands how it all works together despite, god-like pronouncements.

Diet and nutrition experts talk about the number of calories in food and about burning calories. Yet, the science behind food calories is very poor. Did you know that the calories listed on food labels are measured by burning food in a scientific device called a “bomb calorimeter”? Our bodies don’t work that way! Our bodies don’t burn food like the flame in a bomb calorimeter, yet that scientific “method” is taken as dogma. I will share more of the story later—and the story of scientific misconception gets worse.

The calorie is a measure of energy, and when applied to food, calorie-counting poorly measures the energy it gives our bodies. How do you know how much energy food gives you? You know by observing how much energy you feel after eating.

What works in complex and poorly understood systems is the trial-and-error method. It worked for Edison when he perfected the incandescent light bulb, and it will work for you. In fact, I like to call this the “trial-and-success”. The end game is feeling like the real you—not feeling like a bomb calorimeter.

Are you ready to learn the art of making that picture of yourself come alive, of achieving the goal of becoming the real you?

And it is an art. The masters don’t paint masterpieces every painting. They pay attention to what strokes, brushes, and paint combinations work and eventually a masterpiece emerges. It’s important to observe how food makes you feel. Everyone is has different tastes, and we respond differently to various foods. Some tolerate milk, some don’t. Some can eat eggs, some can’t.

The food you should eat is the food that makes you feel like the real you.